Vert.x + Kotlin
Vert.x + Kotlin
Vert.x and Kotlin — a great match

In Vert.x most interfaces accept JsonObject as an input parameter which is basically a wrapper around a map.

As a way to handle objects in a more type-safe way Vert.x provides the capability to make @DataObjects. You would need to add Vert.x Codegen dependency to your project to use that. Necessary converters to and from JsonObject would be generated if you specify generateConverter = true. You would still need to write some boilerplate with that approach:

That’s a bit verbose. If you don’t need to create an instance of DataObjectExample yourself via constructor and just always create it from…

One of the widely used practices to improve logging in your system (be it just one application or multiple communicating with one another) is the usage of contextual logging. In case of a single application some request ID could be generated and then with the usage of tools such as MDC/ThreadContext the value would be present in each log message related to that particular request which makes tracing with tools like Kibana so much easier.

But the problem arises when you want to use similar approach with Vert.x. Applications written in Vert.x are asynchronous in nature but standard MDC is…

Ilia Beliaev

Senior Developer at T-Systems Rus

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